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Bettystown Town Centre

For Colum O´Broin + Partners

Authors: Colum O´Broin & Peter Tarkulic 

Location: Bettystown, Co.Meath, Ireland

Client: Pat Neville’s Development 

Bettystown Town Centre – Block A - office, B - Tesco

Overall Cost: € 5,1mil

This exclusive new development is located in the village Bettystown.

The various phases of the development incorporates the retail high street and commercial

centre of the development. Commercial space includes 120 bedroomed hotel and is a four storied property over basement and Tesco Ireland supermarket together with designated

car park The residential element of this phase incorporate 186 apartments, with secure underground parking, offering coastal living in close proximity to a wealth of amenities.


I was responsible for the design of block A and B. Block A – Tesco Ireland supermarket with with responsibility for planning stage, tender drawings, meetings, client handover and coordination with Tesco standards.

Block B containing 2 shop units, restaurant and 3 storey open space office block with possibilities to create apartments on the existing design.

Initial design and planning had to be changed in order to accommodate new Tesco Ireland supermarket and redesigning of block B as an entrance point to the main plaza was made.

Corner of the block B is created by cantilevered half of the ellipse to make it attention, which is pedestrian entrance to the plaza from the town. Ground floor plan is a retail divided by Tesco Ireland supermarket and restaurant with pubs. Other 3 stories comprise of open office spaces and are divided into smaller units.

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